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  • Religious Architecture of Bouctouche
    Excerpts of a speech given by Pierre A. Cormier
  • Le Musée de Kent à Bouctouche : un trésor patrimonial architectural au Nouveau-Brunswick
    Université de Moncton, Centre d'études acadiennes (French article only)
  • Text from the book La reconstruction française au Nouveau-Brunswick, Bouctouche, paroisse-type, by Doctor Marguerite Michaud
    Docteure Marguerite Michaud"Under the skillful leadership of its Superiors, the Bouctouche convent was recognized as one of the important houses of education in Acadia. Throughout the years, its boarding school accommodated more than six thousand students. While at the convent, over four hundred and fifty Acadian teachers prepared for their teaching license and more than one hundred and fifty of its former students became members of religious congregations. Numerous priests received their primary education at this convent." (This translated text by:

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